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Lots has been happening since we last updated. Though we don’t write as much as we should we still get alot of stickers from all over the world. Below are photos of packages going out this weekend to sticker traders in different countries and in that box are stickers that have been received that we need to sort and get ready to mail. How awesome is that? Get ready Spain, Portugal, the US, Canada, Belize, and everywhere else. Your stickers are coming!

What has really held us back is how much money it takes to ship things out. Many of you send in stamps and some send in cash (thank you!) but it still isn’t enough for $150+ trips to the post office, so in order to help us focus on this a bit more, I have added a PayPal donate button below. Anything will help and I will do my best to update as much as I can. Thanks!

What will you send in next?

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